In english

Hej igen is the page where we tie together time. Who knows, if we get enough contributions and stories, we might do a book together. We start with three categories.

Postcards – When you were in Greece on a school trip and kissed Judy on the beach, you also sent home a postcard featuring your hotel. At the top of the card, you have drawn an arrow, because that was where you lived. Now you’re back with the whole family, (not Jydy´s, it became Rachel) and you pass the old hotel. You are pointing up a window and exclaims happily “There lived your father 15 years ago,” And the kids response is weak. Almost non existant. Then it’s time to take a new picture in the style of the old postcard.


Hello again – In your album, you have a picture of the family from the old summer cottage, your friends and teachers in front of your old school the first day of school, or while posing in front of the gate where your grandmother lived. Now, some years later, all are grownup, the neighbors have moved and the door has received a new color. The place has changed, but it is still there, and using the old image you create a meeting between the old and new.

Now and then – Here you make a visit to a place you have been on before. You should stand on the same spot as before, and of course there will be a bonus for similar clothing and activity. It need not necessarily be you standing on the spot at the two dates, it could be your grandfather, aunt, dog or cousin.